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Koryukan Jujitsu School - Rocklin, CA

The Meaning of Koryukan

Koryukan Kanji

The name Koryukan is composed of three Chinese/Japanese characters: "Ko", meaning 'tiger', "Ryu", meaning 'dragon', and "kan", meaning 'building'. So Koryukan can loosely be translated as "the Tiger-Dragon school," or "school of the tiger and dragon."

Much of oriental thought is based on the idea of a harmony of opposites. Perhaps the best known example of this is the yin/yang diagram. Lots of symbols in the east are influenced by or based on this fundamental idea, the tiger and dragon being no exception. While they symbolize a more specific example and incorporate particular aspects, they basically are stand-ins for heaven and earth, or yin and yang.

The tiger represents physical strength, particulary bone strength. It symbolizes the baser aspects of man, the fight-or-flight response and the killer instinct--certainly important aspects in a physical conflict. The tiger also represents the attitude of dominance. These are the goals of the martial arts.

The dragon, on the other hands, represents wisdom. This is a fluid concept, as wisdom is the ability to change your perception of things and understand their true nature. The dragon symbolizes the aim or the height of man which is wisdom, beneficence, and compassion. These qualities are the goal of the martial artist.

The combination of these two aspects is our interpretation of what jujitsu is about. It forges the body, steels the will, softens the heart, and enlightens the mind. The study of Danzan Ryu brilliantly leads the student through these stages of development on the way to becoming a better person, thereby making the world a better place.

The Meaning of the Ko Ryu Tsume

Koryukan Mon

The Ko Ryu Tsume, or "tiger-dragon claws", is the mon or crest of the Koryukan. It incoporates a traditional Japanese family mon, the Ryu no Tsume, in the center, which symbolizes the three claws of a dragon holding the pearl of wisdom. It then adds to that the five claws of a tiger, circling around the outside.

The symbolism here should be obvious to the serious student of martial arts and eastern philosophy.



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