Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Martial Arts Class located in the City of Rocklin, CA

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Koryukan Jujitsu School - Rocklin, CA
Esoteric Principles
Healing Arts

The Danzan Ryu system is organized into a series of lists, also called "Boards" due to the fact that Professor Okazaki had the technique lists written on large wooden boards in the original Kokenkan Dojo.

Each board not only groups similar techniques together, but they are also each designed to teach the student a specific physical and mental lesson.

Shoden(Beginning Transmission)

Yawara Hand arts
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Nage No Te Throwing arts
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Shime No Te Constriction arts
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Chuden (Middle Transmission)

Oku No Te Deep arts
Kiai No Maki Scroll of the Kiai
Fujin Goshin No Maki Scroll of Women's Self Defense
Fusegijutsu Self Defense arts
Police arts

Okuden (Deep Transmission)

Scroll of the Spirit Man
Scroll of the "Yang" Spirit

Koden (Oral Transmission)

Original Spirit Scroll


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